Age Restrictions

Bladed articles, whether sharp or blunted, will only be sold to persons aged 18 years and above.

We are required to confirm the age of our customers by way of official documentation (Passport, drivers license etc). These are be kept on our records for up to 3 years and will be accessible for official use only, per the terms of our license agreement.  If no identification is provided then the sale will be considered void.

Customer confidentiality is treated with the utmost importance.  We will never reveal the identity of customers to those outwith the Glittering Edge team unless required by our license terms.
In addition, we will not reveal names on-line for social media or promotional purposes.  We may ask for testimonials but names can be omitted on request

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any bladed article or cancel and refund the order if we feel it is the appropriate action to take.

Imports and Restrictions

We are able to import certain items on the customers behalf.  These must be UK legal and age verification must be given.

We are able to post worldwide.

It is the buyers responsibility to check local laws, regulations and customs restrictions.  This includes applying for any import licences or other documentation.   If and specific import forms need to be sent to us to send with the product in question, we are happy to ensure that this documentation is completed for this.

Customers are responsible for all shipping, import and customs fees.  Items sent uninsured are at the customers own risk.

Despite all steps taken for each sale, we will not be held liable for any harm, injury or death that may arise through the misuse of our products.

Bladed articles that we will NOT make are listed on the UK “Banned Knives and Weapons” list found
We will not make these for any reason.  No exceptions will be made, so please do not ask.

We can make katana and Japanse style blades.  Due to UK law, these are made using traditional techniques.

Returns and Complaints

Should our product not be up to your expected standard, we will be happy to rectify this for you.  Each piece is individually hand-made, therefore, no two pieces will be exactly the same.  We will do our best to provide you with a product that you are happy with.  We will provide a lifetime guarantee for all our knives, where they have been used for their intended purpose.  Mistreatment of your knife may void our guarantee on your blade.

No refunds are possible for custom work, due to the processes involved.  Certain alterations can be added to the design after work begins at additional cost.

We do not use any precision engineering machines unless otherwise stated or specifically requested.

All our materials, wherever possible are as locally sourced as possible, within reason.

We will not work with ivory of any kind nor attempt to source it.  This includes mammoth ivory.