I am able to post worldwide.  Shipping times may vary widely due to covid-19 and Brexit.

It is the buyers responsibility to check local laws, regulations and customs restrictions.  This includes applying for any import licences or other documentation.   If any specific import forms need to be sent to me to send with the product in question, I am happy to ensure that this documentation is completed for this.

Customers are responsible for all shipping, import and customs fees.  Items sent uninsured are at the customers own risk.


Age Restrictions

Bladed articles, whether sharp or blunted, will only be sold to persons aged 18 years and above.

I am required to confirm the age of customers by way of official documentation (Passport, drivers license etc). These are be kept on our records for up to 3 years and will be accessible for official use only, per the terms of the City of Edinburgh Knife Dealers License Agreement.  If no identification is provided then the sale may be considered void.

Customer confidentiality is treated with the utmost importance.  I will never reveal the identity of customers to those out-with the Glittering Edge unless required by our license terms.
In addition, I will not reveal names on-line for social media or promotional purposes save with prior verbal or written permission.  I may ask for testimonials but names can be omitted on request.

Glittering Edge Ltd. reserve the right to refuse the sale of any bladed article or commission or cancel and refund the order if we feel it is the appropriate action to take.

Despite all steps taken for each sale, Glittering Egde Ltd. will not be held liable for any harm, distress, injury or death that may arise through the use or misuse of articles created by the company.


Other Restrictions

Bladed articles that we will NOT make are listed on the UK “Banned Knives and Weapons” list found
I will not make these for any reason.  No exceptions will be made.  I dont care if your lawyer says it is ok – I simply will not entertain this request.

Glittering Edge Ltd. will not knowingly make anything that incorporates symbols of hate – whether as a finishing touch or designed around one.

Glittering Edge Ltd. will not make versions of or alter any nazi/white supremacy related articles, including but not limited to related names, numbers, letters, logos, blatant style aesthetics or symbols.  This includes genuine and reproduction articles.  Whether these are for personal use or for museum, film, tv or theatre or any other purposes left unmentioned.

I will also not recommend anyone else who could take on the aforementioned job types.

Requesting or persisting in trying to coerce Glittering Edge Ltd into making any banned items or other items within the above parameters may result in further action being taken in accordance with the terms of our Knife Dealers License.  This includes passing on your information to Police Scotland.


Deposits and age verification

Should our product not be up to your expected standard, I will be happy to rectify this for you.  Each piece is individually hand-made, therefore, no two pieces will be exactly the same.  I will do my best to provide you with a product that you are happy with.  I will provide a lifetime guarantee for all our knives, where they have been used for their intended purpose.  Mistreatment of your knife may void the guarantee on your blade.

I require age verification for each customer purchasing a bladed article to show they are at least 18 years of age.  This can be kept on record for up to 3 years. If you do not provide your ID within 14 days of paying your deposit, you risk forfeiting all or part of your deposit.

No refunds are possible once the design has been agreed, age verification ID has been received and a deposit has been paid.  Certain alterations can be added to the design after work begins at additional cost.  Any refunds agreed will be at the sole discretion of Glittering Edge Ltd.

Specific materials, wherever possible are locally sourced – such as Scottish deer antler.  We are happy to source a variety of materials for you or work to unusual specifications.

We will not aim to work with ivory nor attempt to source it.  This includes mammoth ivory.  An exception under CITES would need to also include any relevant documentation by the customer.  Any shipping, import or export fees would also be the customers responsibility.


I am offering 50% off all Domestic UK-wide shipping (valid in Scotland, England and Wales) for flat rate tracked and signed for with Royal Mail. Shipping fees in excess of £30 will have 33% discount applied. Shipping of £40 and over will have a 10% discount.

Shipping discounts on my etsy store will be applied as a partial refund

No discount will be given if another shipping service is requested or required, (Parcelforce being 1 example) save at the discretion of Glittering Edge Ltd. Discount applies only to the flat rate and doesn’t include any additional postal insurance

During post-covid19 times, I will give a 5% discount for all lessons which will include gift certificates. This will be updated in due course to reflect this.

Customers must present their NHS card to validate any discounts. Discount is for the NHS cardholder only.
NHS ID required for discount verification. Age verification required for all sales of bladed articles, including lessons.