Sharpening services 


I use whetstones to sharpen your blades.  The only time where a machine may be involved is if your blade has seen heavy use or has sustained damage.  After the initial repair on the machine, the rest of the blade is sharpened and honed by hand on various grades of whetstone

My sharpening service will normally commence within the first full week of every month in order to build up several blades at once to work as a larger batch.  This may not always be possible.

Turnaround time will depend on quantity of bookings and when drop-off appointments are arranged for.  I cannot guarantee a same-day turnaround but I will endeavour to do so where possible.

Prices for 2021 are as follows for standard, single edged knives – culinary or otherwise.
 Double edged blades will incur additional costs.
  • Standard sharpening
  • £5 blades up to 3.5″
  • £10 blades between 3.5″-6″
  • £15 blades between 6″-10″


Serrated knives (bread knives)
  • £8 blades up to 3.5″
  • £15 blades between 3.5-6″
  • £20 blades between 6-10″


Blades over 10″ will be assessed on a blade by blade basis.

Tools will also be assessed on an individual basis

Repairs or badly used blades may incur additional costs depending on each blade.


Email to arrange a sharpening drop-off appointment

Upcoming sharpening dates

6th-10th December

Prices may be subject to change.  Blades booked in will be honoured at the agreed price at the time of arranging the appointment.

Bank transfer and card payment preferred.  Cash is also accepted but exact payment will be required.