1 Day Axe Forging Course – Hammerhead Upcycling


Brand new course 2021.  This can be booked for during regular weekdays as well as a weekend day.


In this class you will be tasked to forge an old hammerhead into a single edged axe.  You could even use your own hammerhead for this.

Forging down the larger side flatter to an extent where we can fit and weld in a piece of toolsteel for the edge.  From there you will hammer it to shape and adjust the rest of the hammer to your taste.  This could involve reshaping the back end of the hammer if you desired.

At the end of the day, you should have forged, hardened & tempered (this stage I will do) and ground your axe to the desired end shape which will include grinding on an edge as well as sharpening it.



  • Arrive 9am
  • 9:20 Fire up the forge
  • Begin forging hammer
  • 11-11:30 cut slot for toolsteel bit
  • Fireweld closed & Grind off excess
  • 12-1 forge to final shape
  • Harden & temper
  • Lunch 30min/1 Hour
  • Choose and Prepare the haft
  • Grind axe to final shape
  • Sand & polish
  • Fit to haft
  • Close 5:30/6pm

Price – £210